Urban Home Trading was emerged with a drive for constant expansion and diversification of business. This led to the inception of HORECA Division, which provides an extensive range of product lines across the globe. From elegant crockery to dazzling glassware with luxurious linens to unique furniture, all under a single roof. With over 40 years of experience, the clients derive cutting-edge catering solutions from our team of experts.

It is not only the wide spread line of products which satisfies. The standard of service outlines our dominance in the industry.

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Distribution Network


The winning factor for every successful company is its robust distribution network. It is akin to veins through which blood flows to the body. Maintaining a strong clientele and supplier base from over 40 countries to importing across the globe with owning manufacturing houses traces the worldwide presence of Urban Home. Our synchronized warehousing and logistics system facilitates proper handling and delivery of goods.

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Corporate Gifts


Gifting has become an integral part of the modern-day business. Across the globe, from stakeholders to personnel to board members, corporate gifts help in enhancing organizational performance and strengthening professional ties. The gifting culture promotes brand awareness by growing brand loyalty and rapidly attracting new customer segments.
Understanding the current business trends and aligning them with the clients’ insights, Urban Home Trading provides with effective and innovative gifting solutions.

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Ever thought what strategies do certain institutions implement for instilling solidarity, discipline and professionalism amongst its members? With these basic ideas, the concept of uniforms came in the picture. Uniforms brings a sense of commonality and helps organizations in creating impact with a long-lasting difference. From building trust in its clients to increasing brand awareness to maintaining unity in all times, the schools, hospitality and the corporates have adopted the notion of uniforms. Keeping in mind the influence of attire, we strive to cater different clusters with impactful and diverse clothing options.

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The famous Norman Foster says,’’ As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.’’

We are a group of creative storytellers. Clients hire us to write their stories. But instead of words, we use fabrics, furniture, architectural elements with a touch of elegance to it. With this picture in mind, our team of designers and architects specialize in providing innovative space planning and designing for the hospitality, residential and institutional projects. We strongly believe that the key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.



Urban Home is proficient in adapting itself to the changing dynamics of business. This approach has assisted us reaching new heights by blending the best of both the worlds- the store and the web. By leading our showroom to the digital world, Urban Home becomes the largest online platform in the country for the trading of HORECA supplies.